Saturday, April 4, 2009

Restaurants that we LOVE: Art's Deli

I am going to start a new feature called "Restaurants that we LOVE!" In part, I want to give those of you out there who like to eat out a new option. I also want to sing the praises of establishments that really rock our world! Even if you do not live near these restaurants, they might inspire you to consider a similar type of establishment in your area.

One of our very favorite places in LA is Art's Delicatessen. 12224 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 762-1221. We eat there once a week, at least. It is low-key and casual, with a menu large enough to suit anyone who goes with us. In general, Jewish delis are perfect for our particular cocktail of allergies. They have lots of soups (the veggie beef soup is our current favorite) and we supplement our meal with lots of other sides, like fries and fruit. Ella is also really into the lox and lately, she has been ordering the smoked white fish. Yes, it is a bit strange that a 4 year old is so jazzed about a plate of fish, but who am I to argue? They also have great salads. Pickles are a MUST, especially with a teething baby. And if you can eat with fewer restrictions, the Pastrami Reuben is not to be missed. We have also had them cater events for us and we have never been anything less than pleased.

As an added bonus, it is also a great place for celebrity sightings. The day I took these pictures, we were a table away from James Cromwell, whom I have seen several times in the area. Sorry James. Hopefully a bunch of people with bags full of epi pens and Benadryl will not start stalking you.
** Ironically, our favorite Deli in New York City was Artie's on Broadway. It was 2 blocks from our apartment and we were there constantly! I am sure that we would still be going there if we were still in the neighborhood!

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