Thursday, April 9, 2009

Read Those Labels!

Most of you who have food allergies know what I am referring to.  You can never be too careful when eating something new.  It is important to always read food labels and know that all of the ingredients are safe to eat.  Just because something says "Wheat Free!" or "Gluten Free!" doesn't mean that it can be consumed if it also contains sesame seeds and you are also extremely allergic to sesame seeds.  Sometimes this information is in very small print and has to be read.  Yesterday we were at a Passover Seder and a relative with the best of intentions had bought a gluten-free sponge cake and some GF crackers for Ella.  Since I am a total pain in everyone's ass, I doubled checked the labels.  THANKFULLY, I did!  The sponge cake contained nuts and the crackers were made of sesame and flax seed.  There happened to be a pediatrician at the dinner, but I am really glad that we did not have to use her services!  My mother-in-law did manage to find some really great oat flour, kosher matzoh which Ella consumed as if it were her last meal.   To those who are used to really wonderful wheat matzoh, the oat version might not seem appealing.  But the texture and taste were close enough that Ella bought it.  

Since we are in Florida for several days, I ordered a bunch of products online and had them shipped here in advance.  That way, there are lots of options and we can almost match whatever meal everyone else is eating.  I ordered from and got everything from pastas to bagels, as well many snacks that we can take with us as we run around.  You can also read ingredient listings at this online store which makes shopping a cinch.  

No matter where you go, always, always read those labels!  If you do not have allergies but are shopping for someone with them, please, please make sure that you consider ALL of the person's allergens.  And don't get insulted if someone turns something away.  They are only being protective.  After all, no one wants to visit the ER, especially if it can be avoided!

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