Sunday, April 12, 2009

Five Years and STILL Allergic

It has been 5 long years since I found out that I was allergic to shellfish, after eating it my entire life. I can still remember the thrill of a freshly cooked crab with a squeeze of lemon and a dip in butter. And I often fondly remember my trips to Mexico and eating freshly caught lobster with homemade tortillas and guacamole. Every time I see a photo of caramelized scallops, my mouth waters. And lately I have been missing all of these foods so much I have thought of doing a food challenge to confirm that I am still allergic. But now those dreams have dimmed.

Last night we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I felt like eating light so I ordered the chicken salad and hot and sour soup. As I ate the salad, covered in crispy won ton papers, I began to get that funny feeling in my mouth. If you have food allergies, you know what I am talking about. Then little bumps appeared at the back of my throat. Since I had not consumed something that I know that I am allergic to, I wrote it off as an injury from eating a scratchy food. Until hives started appearing everywhere. I took a large dose of Benadryl and went to bed hoping that the drugs would sedate me enough that I would stop itching. I woke up in a daze this morning. The hives have gone down, but many still linger. UGH! My guess is that the restaurant cooked the won tons in a pan or oil that had also cooked shellfish, because this is not a major reaction. Just annoying.

But because I love Asian foods so much, it is still worth the cross contamination risk. So I will not stop going to such places. But why, oh why, do those damn scallops still call to me? Thankfully, it is Easter and I will now turn chocolate for satisfaction!


Anonymous said...

i recently found out i am allergic to shrimp (not all shellfish) and rice. two of my fave things. i haven't eaten either since i found out and i still break out in hives everyday

Heidi Miller said...

YIKES! Hopefully you can figure out the reason why your hives have lasted so long and stop scratching! That is no way to live! Glad you found my blog and hopefully the information I post can help you!