Thursday, April 2, 2009


Nightline is going to be worth Tivo-ing tonight.  There is supposed to be something about the accuracy of food testing via blood tests.  Since this is how we test Ella, I am really curious.   She is soooo allergic to pistachios that we cannot scratch test her.  But maybe we can do this with the other allergens?  Maybe when she is older and will tolerate this excruciating process.   I am in my 30's and I detest it!


Lisa said...

Several years ago I did research on allergies at our local medical library. I happened to find a medical research article from the 1980's or there abouts stating that blood testing was more accurate, safer, more reliable and all around a better route than skin testing. Given technology, doesn't that make sense?
Lisa A. Lundy
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Heidi Miller said...

Watched the show and now I am more curious than ever, If the little girl took the peanut challenge and passed, what was it that caused her to have such a severe reaction to the ice cream cone? As a parent, I would be freaked by the mystery of not knowing. Too many unanswered questions with this report, but same goes with having food allergies!