Sunday, April 12, 2009

Glug, glug. Plug, plug.

The new adult treat at Casa de Miller is this extraordinary wine produced by Sextant Winery, on the Central Coast of California. I am from San Luis Obispo and have had the privilege to try many of the area's wines, some of the best to be found today. My Dad introduced us to Sextant's wines and the 2007 Zinfandel called "Wheelhouse" is a big hit. If you want to try a deliciously smooth zin, that is a show stopper... totally worth checking out!


Robert Boyle said...

Heidi, you are correct. Lucky me bought the last two cases of '06, thanks to my friend, Ryan, who works there while going to school. He gave me a heads up.

MHamers said...

Hi Heidi,
We love your blog! Your Dad gave us a heads up and I'm so glad he did because I personally have a family riddled with food allergies and all of your recipes look great. It's a challenge each day to prepare meals that the whole family can eat and your blog will definitely be a new resource for me. Plus it's great to hear you enjoying the wine so much. We love your Dad and look forward to hosting the Miller fam hopefully soon!

Mindy Hamers
(from Sextant)