Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CNN Article about 4 Year Old Boy

There is an article from CNN today about a little boy who struggles with horrible food allergies.  His poor family has a lot to worry about.  Since this child is Ella's age I can really relate to a lot of what they are going through.  Milk allergies seem to really be on the rise, and often the body reacts to them more severely.  Ella has a friend named Alyssa who has milk allergies and it is a tough one to avoid.   Thankfully, Ella's particular allergies are so that if she simply touches wheat, she will be okay.  Her pistachio allergies are as severe as it gets, but luckily, pistachios are not a common ingredient in foods.  We are also really grateful for her amazing teachers.  They are so diligent and caring.  It is a lot to worry about, especially when it is not your own child.  

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