Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chocolate Chip Muffins & Playdates

Yesterday was Friday and I am a bad mother. Ella eats Challah with her friends at school on Fridays and usually, I make a special loaf of wheat-free/gluten-free bread just for her. But Thursday night, I was tired. And I had an episode of "Lost" on Tivo. So instead of mixing the dough, waiting for it to rise and baking her beloved bread, I sat on the couch and spent some much needed time with my hubby. Friday morning I hopped out of bed, with the crazy notion of sending Ella off to school with some "special wheat free challah muffins". As they baked, I ran the idea past Ella who immediately burst into a sobbing tantrum. "Mommy, we don't eat muffins on Shabbat!" She was beside herself. Who cared if they had chocolate chips in them? Thank goodness, I have some reserved rasin challah in the freezer, which I dutifully defrosted. Poor Ella will always have to put up with her Gentile, "think-outside-the-box" Mother. I do try. Truly.

So rather than tossing the offending muffins, I decided to serve them at the play date that we hosted later that afternoon. Crisis averted! Actually. they were pretty darn good and Milo and I consumed 4 of them between the two of us. Ella gave them a try, and decided that they were indeed wonderful. Just not for Shabbat!

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