Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rice Pasta, how I love thee!

Not sure who invented it... or when, for that matter. But my life would be so much more challenging without rice pasta. It saves me on a daily basis. The kids won't eat? I give them rice pasta. Ella frequently melts down because she cannot have regular noodles (she still remembers the wheat version and tries to gobble it down whenever she can) so I am beyond happy to have an alternate to offer her. And one that doesn't feel like a sacrifice! We love the Tinkyada brand but I am also completely in love with the Trader Joe's product line. Their penne, spaghetti and fussili is basically the same price as other pastas and just as good. And now that I am doing the Blood Type diet, I am also enjoying the flexibility that rice pasta offers. I was just really feeling the love tonight and wanted to share it! Here's to rice pasta!

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