Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Central Coast Surprise

This weekend we were visiting my home town when we came across the most wonderful surprise; a local market that stocks a large selection of Gluten-Free items. And this store is within blocks of my Mom's house, so close that we often walk there. It is called J.J.'s Market and it is located in the city of Arroyo Grande. It is quite close to the Oceano Dunes, but off the beaten path. They often are BBQing meat out front and the place smells irresistible. We ran in to pick up some organic milk for Milo and as I glanced around, I saw two full racks full of Gluten-Free items. There was more stuff than some of the Whole Foods stores that I frequent in LA (not mentioning any names, Coldwater Canyon store!) And as I expressed my extreme delight to the cashier, he told me that they even had more in the freezer section. Woo-hoo! As it turns out, the wife of the owner is Celiac, and she wanted to have a lot of options for those like herself. So we are going to keep giving them our business. If you have friends in the area or if you are passing through, stop on by!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great store. We have a small store in our town, that has a huge selection of organic items and gluten/casesin free items. A larger selection than whole foods with decent prices. Buying local is the way to go.