Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restaurants that we LOVE: Big Sky Cafe

If you happen to be in San Luis Obispo, California, I highly recommend stopping at one of my favorite all-time restaurants; Big Sky Cafe. I have been a loyal fan ever since they first opened their doors, in the early 90's. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. And the food is fantastic, healthy AND delicious. Lines go out the door at breakfast time and it is for a reason. I have eaten practically everything on their menu and enjoyed every bite. We visited them, yet again this past weekend. We are a troublesome table, to be sure; a child that is allergic to almost everything, a toddler who refuses to sit still, a mom who is on a weird diet, and a Dad who just wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Thankfully we had an efficient and very understanding waiter. Ella feasted on a side of smoked salmon, fruit, cranberry juice, roasted potatoes and bacon. Milo was sedated by their signature corn muffins, as I gobbled down huevos rancheros (hold the cheese, please). Gabe noshed on coffee bread and threw back as much of his eggs and bacon breakfast as Milo's ticking clock allowed. We all left full; content. It really is worth a try if you are in the area. Their lunches and dinners are also stellar. Daily specials are worth considering. Big Sky Cafe is located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo just a block from the Mission Plaza. Its brick and weathered steel facade is easy to spot on Broad Street.

Big Sky Cafe
1121 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3506
(805) 545-5401

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