Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Season Madness

This is the time of year that we fondly refer to as "Birthday Season". When all of Ella's friends have birthdays. Almost all of the kids that we know were born in March-May. And since most of them have parties to celebrate, we spend an astounding amount of our weekends criss-crossing the greater LA area. This year has been especially crazy and I feel like we have been to every kind of party venue imaginable. Since it is hard to predict what the hosts will be serving at their events, we go hoping to find something that Ella might be able to eat. Fruit and veggies trays are always a welcome sight. I also bring along a bag full of snacks to supplement. The other thing that I do is take along a cupcake for Ella to enjoy when the cake is passed out. I bake a batch of cupcakes, wrap them up individually and store them in the freezer. That way, I have them on hand anytime. When we are getting ready to leave for the party, I pull one out and by the time we have reached our destination the cupcake is defrosted. I used to frost them at home and then I came up with the brilliant idea of taking the frosting off of the birthday child's cake and using it on Ella's cupcake. We often get some crazy looks, but this really helps Ella feel like she is a part of the party. And she doesn't complain about not being able to have the cake that everyone else gets to have.

We have been having lots of fun, but between you and I, I am ready to get my weekends back!

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