Monday, August 16, 2010

Young Man Dies of a Food Allergy, Aboard a Cruise Ship

This was very sad news to awaken to this morning. All of us who deal with food allergies know that this is the grim reality of our situation. Everything that we do for our children and ourselves is to stop something like this from happening. On Saturday, a 21 year old apparently died of anaphylaxis after eating something that he was allergic to, while vacationing on a cruise ship. He was traveling with 5 other family members and it is not yet known if the young man was aware of his allergy or not. I am curious if the ship had an emergency protocol in place for such a situation. Can they stock epi pens and Benadryl in their medical kits? This is a horrific tragedy and my heart is breaking for this family...

Cruise Ship Passenger Dies of an Apparent Food Allergy Reaction


Jane Anne said...

Oh, this is very sad. What a terrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so sad and scary to think about. My husband and I took some cruises before our daughter was born. We really enjoyed them. But we have no plans to go on one again because of her food allergies (nuts and peanuts).