Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wheat Prices are on the Rise

It seems that the cost of bread might be going up, as wheat prices are on the rise. We often spend $5-$6 for a loaf of rice or tapioca bread so maybe things will begin to even out. (One of the things about eating wheat free that often gets me is the fact that wheat products are so available and affordable. Maybe the cost increase for wheat goods will approach what we have been paying for snacks; thus making it less painful for us, personally, at the checkout stand). But I feel for families that are already feeling the pinch in this current economic situation. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

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Robert Boyle said...

Bread may go up but not commensurate with the rise(no pun intended) in wheat. Why? you may ask,
I think it is competition!!!!!!! Your Father, Grandpa Steve