Wednesday, August 18, 2010

September Issue of Everyday Food

We just got this month's copy of Everyday Food in the mail. I was delighted to see how many great recipes would work well if you are on a gluten-free or wheat-free diet. Not sure if this was intentional, on their part, or not. But if you are looking for something that is easy to make and most likely delicious to eat, you may want to pick up a copy. Here are a few of the recipes that I saw that looked good. (They do not seem to be available online, yet. But probably will be soon).

One Pot Chicken with Sausage & Potatoes
Beet & Tomato Salad
Baked Eggs in Tomatoes
Emeril's Turkey Meatloaf (use GF oats)
Slow-Cooker Turkey Stew with Lima Beans
Stuffed Cabbage with Beef & Rice
Roasted Pork with Onions & Citrus
Salmon Skewers with Smashed Potatoes
Skirt Steak with Sweet Potato Wedges & Parsley Salad
Corn Tortilla & Egg Scramble
Corn-Tortilla-Crusted Chicken Tenders (use cornstarch in place of flour in recipe)
Plus several others...

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