Monday, July 6, 2009

Walnut Opportunity

Ella is frightfully allergic to pistachios, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, etc.. But for some reason she has tested negative to walnuts and pecans for the last two years. The doctor told us to avoid ANY packaged nut to escape any cross contamination risks. So we steer clear of anything made with walnuts and pecans, just in case. I promised her that if we were ever near a walnut tree, I would pick her one and crack it open for her to eat. That way I would KNOW that it is safe. At a party this past weekend, sat a bowl full of walnuts in their shells. Ella picked up one up and my initial reaction was, "Oh my God! Put that down!" Forgetting of course that she could actually eat it. And Ella was beyond excited and full of curiosity. Sadly, there was no nutcracker to be found. Three of us, searched the house high and low looking for a device to crack the nut. Thankfully, my friend's Dad is Egyptian and had grown up eating these nuts right out of their shells. He took two nuts, smashed them together, and we were left with a hand full of nut meat. Then my nervousness set in. What if the tests had been wrong? What if she really is allergic? But it was too late, this ball was in motion. We had the Epi pen and Benedryl standing by. I handed a tiny fragment to our vulnerable little girl as she quickly snatched it from my hand. She slowly chewed it. I checked for any reaction. There was none! No hives. No red skin. No screaming. PHEW! After all of this, Ella's response was only lukewarm. "It is okay, Mommy." And then I asked her if she would like to have another bite. "No, thank you." I am not sure what she was expecting, something sweet perhaps? But whatever it was, it seemed to make her happy to get a chance to feel normal on some level. And the verdict: not such a big deal after all!

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Anonymous said...

That's great that it worked out with the walnuts. My daughter has tested negative to pecans, walnut and macadamia. Her allergist said we could try those, but haven't been brave enough yet.