Friday, July 17, 2009

Fitting in at school, an update

Below is a re-posting of an article from October. Many people have read this post and have asked me about it over the last few months. I was reminded of it when I read this article tonight, about kids just wanting to be like everyone else. I am happy to report that things have actually eased with Ella. She has come to accept her situation and we have fewer and fewer incidents like we used to. She is in summer school but her teachers seem to be on board with all of her allergies. The kids made chocolate chip cookies in class this week and then ate a picnic styled lunch with them, as well as sandwiches and lemonade. Thankfully her teacher gave me an advance warning and I made some swap outs. The cookies also appealed to Milo who is turning into quite the baked goody hound!

Ella's cubbie is filled with a giant bag of snacks. There are sweet and salty options and everything in between. She seems to like going in there each day and deciding what she will eat. All the other kids have to eat what the group eats. Ella is starting to appreciate her exclusive status (see, there is a silver lining). When I pick her up each day, I like to ask which snack she chose. It is a way for us to stay connected as we weave through Los Angeles traffic!

Ella has another friend from school who is allergic to milk. She recently went to a summer camp that was less respectful of her situation. Her mother had to be called in a couple of times to administer Benedryl because the little girl was fed things that she is not allowed to eat. I consider this to be outrageous. And I will NEVER send my children to this place for camp. (Let's just say that this place is a three letter word that rhymes with "moo" and is where you would go to see lots of animals). Truly, are they kidding? Why would they take any chances, especially considering what a litigious society we live in. Train your camp counselors, people!

Anyway, Ella seems to be grasping her predicament and in a way she sees it as part of who she is and less as something that holds her back from things. Plus, she gets to order Mommy around in the kitchen with all kinds of requests. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am predicting that she will ask for wheat-free popovers or pancakes. Better hit the sack...

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