Friday, March 13, 2009

Dad's Chicken

My Dad is probably my biggest blog reader and I love it! He is the most amazing BBQer on the planet and yesterday he came to LA and cooked up some tri-tip and sausage for us. Ella is beyond addicted to his steak and probably consumed a pound by herself yesterday! Dad also makes a mean Chicken, which he recently e-mailed to me. He MIGHT kill me for posting this, but until I get a cease and desist order, I thought I would share it with you...

Dad's Fab BBQ Chicken

Wash chicken and put into a large bowl. Add 1 cup of Apple cider vinegar.Tbsp. of Wrights Hickory Seasoning. 3 tbsp A1 Steak Sauce. Tbsp KC Masterpiece Tbsp Worcester sauce by Lea & Perrin. Add warm water to cover chicken and then mix it all up. Mixing a couple/three times over a period of a couple of hours. If using a Propane BBQ then throw a couple of damp oak barks on the flame and put chicken up and away from flame.

Before turning on BBQ, season with these spices, both sides.

When BBQ is almost complete add some melted butter. A few minutes later, add some squeezed lemon. Turn off fire and let it sit in the smoke of the oak bark.Selling or sharing this recipe is forbidden by Boyle's Law......... enjoy


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Robert Boyle said...

It is absolutely the best that I have ever had. Sorry KFC..........Steve Boyle