Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Day

Well, I am quite grateful to be back on standard time. I feel like I can now do a little more with my day. What is that saying, "If I only had more time in the day..."? That is how I feel normally. Today I got up, got Ella ready for school, took Milo for a hike, put him down for his nap and got busy in the kitchen. My oven is getting very little rest on this Monday. Pumpkin muffins are in there right now, as Ella's gluten-free french bread is rising on the counter. I didn't want my bread machine to feel left out so I am using it to make some basic (wheat) bread. When Milo wakes we are going to head out and get Ella at school and then I am going to take both of them to music class. This event will probably kill me, as there is only one of me and what seems like 4 of them! At least it is only an hour long! Then I will head back to the house to start making soup. And I am making two soups tonight, both recipes from my beloved friend Shannon who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Living up there, practically makes her an expert on warm and delicious soups. Once I get some photos together I will post recipes.

Yesterday, I shocked my sister by taking chocolate chip cookie dough to her house. She simply could not believe that I made a traditional dough (with wheat flour, recipe from Toll House). My thought was that the cookies were for them (and Gabe and I). Newsflash: I still bake the old fashioned way. I just made sure I had an alternate for Ella to eat. As it happened, my sister had just made rice crispy treats, which are free of wheat. So EVERYONE was happy! My sis also had one of the Glutino Duo Cheese pizzas (mentioned in previous blogs) in her freezer which inspired her to order regular pizza for the rest of us. We finished the day playing in their gorgeous backyard and enjoyed the California sunshine.

Okay, Milo is waking now. I think he smells the muffins. Oh they smell good!

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