Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CNN Poll: Vote Now!!!!!

There is a CNN poll going on right now about peanut bans in schools. Please take a second to vote and make your voice heard. And pass along a link to your friends and family.

Also, if you are easily disturbed steer clear of the comments section. (It is so easy to spew anger and hostility when you are hiding behind a computer.) Since I have read a lot of this garbage, again and again, I am choosing to ignore it. Besides, I promised my husband that I would avoid it.

To vote...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I already know my answer :). Even though we have the nut free policies in our schools here, we just had this discussion in an online parent group we have in town. Those with younger kids just entering the school system (without allergies) or questioning this, ugh!!. What gets me about the news media is when they put these headlines out there it gives all these people without serious food allergies in their life a voice. Unless you or someone in your family has it, you can't fully understand how serious it is and how difficult it makes your life.