Friday, July 30, 2010


The nice thing about having my own blog is the ability to edit out evil and filth. There is now a comment filter in place that allows me to decide if some one's post is acceptable or not. I welcome differing opinions, but if you have something nasty to say or if it comes of as being a threat to someone I love, I will happily delete it. If you are angry and want to pass along that rage, this is absolutely NOT the place to do it. Move along, please. You are not welcome here.

My blog does not advocate taking away the freedoms of others. My purpose is to bring light into what would normally be a dark situation. I am not hosting a pity party, here. Allergies are a real health issue. Just like those who might have gout or arthritis or the common cold, all we want is to know what is causing these issues and to find a cure. We all have things that hold us back in some way. People who have food allergies do not have weak DNA. We are not "inferior" to any one else. We are your mothers, your fathers, your best friends and your children. We are not the enemy.

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The Hultman's said...

I am so glad that you're here! A friend of mine found your blog and forwarded it on to me. My 1 year old son was diagnosed at 10mo with Wheat, oat, Egg, peanut, and Tree nut allergies. The past 2 1/2 months have been crazy as I am learning as much as I can about this new, and very scary, world! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!