Monday, July 26, 2010

Allergy Testing Time Again

Well, we have just returned from Ella's five year check-up. Thankfully, all looks good. But we were reminded that she will be due soon to have her yearly allergy testing. I asked the doctor what I should do about my son who is now 2 1/2 and has never been fed nuts. Originally, everyone advised us to wait until his third birthday before introducing any sort of nut into his diet. But many of the articles that I read about food allergies suggest that it is BETTER to introduce nuts sooner, than later. Knowing that research is mixed on this issue, I still want to do what is best for him. Our doctor suggested that we also have him tested when Ella is tested. I am going to request that he receive a blood test, rather than a skin test because he has the most sensitive epidermis of anyone, ever. Holding my gigantic, freakishly strong boy down to stick a needle in his arm certainly will be no trip to the candy store. But I would rather know the truth about his chemistry, than have to go through what we did with Ella. One nightmare trip to the ER with a child covered in hives, throat closing, is more than enough for a lifetime. I will post more, once we see our doctor. For the meantime, prayers are being said and fingers are crossed!

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