Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Camp: To be or not to be?

Well, today I submitted an application for Ella to do an art camp in late July. Part of the application involved a medical questionnaire. Naturally, I wrote my usual novel explaining in detail all of the things that she is allergic to. Enough to scare even the most secure camp counselor. Several of her friends are doing the same camp session and I will admit that I am a bit behind sending in our application. When I visited the camp office this morning they told me that they have room. So it will be interesting to see if Ella can go. Fingers are crossed!


Robert Boyle said...

Poor Ella being shipped off to a camp...... wahhhhhhh..
I think that she should wear some type of wrist band that would let everyone know that she is a special needs child when it comes to food/snacks. I didn't go to camp until I was 10........... Poor Ella, getting the boot early........ love you...........dad

Heidi Miller said...

Don't worry, Dad... we aren't shipping anyone off. Her "camp" is really just summer school. They call it "camp" to make it seem more fun. It is just 9-3 and is walking distance to the house. But I bet she would prefer to be shipped off!