Friday, June 11, 2010

Gluten & Wheat Free Ice Cream Pie

I first posted this last September and since Summer is right around the corner I thought it was worth reposting. I made this again this past weekend. Instead of the semi-sweet chocolate chips I used Valrhona chocolate (66% cacao) and melted that for the crust. I also made two sauces, one being a caramel and the other a homemade sweetened condensed milk. I drizzled both all over the plate, place a slice on top and then topped it with homemade whipped cream. Talk about a crowd pleaser! Even people who normally do not eat dessert, gobbled this one up. And it is almost criminal how easy this pie is to make. The best part is, no one will ever know. Shhhhhhh!

July's issue of Real Simple had this fabulous recipe for Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie. It features a crust that is made, simply, with chocolate and rice crispies. They suggested filling the prepared crust with mint chip ice cream, which I am sure is delicious. But I have been making my own versions, all summer. The first one that I made was for my dad's birthday. He LOVES dulce de leche ice cream so I filled the shell with that. And then I made a homemade caramel sauce, a la, as well as a batch of whipped cream. I served the pie with the sauce drizzled on top and a dollop of cream.

My family is still debating which is better, the dulce de leche version or the chocolate raspberry pie (pictured above.) The second time I made it, I filled the shell with vanilla bean ice cream. And then I made a raspberry sauce using raspberries, sugar and framboise liqueur. Then I strained out the seeds and chilled the sauce. When I served the pie, I drizzled the sauce on top and garnished with some fresh raspberries. Out-of-this-world-delicious! The best part is that it couldn't get any easier!

I am telling you, save the above recipe for the basic chocolate crust and you will not be sorry. The possibilities are endless. I cannot wait for peppermint stick ice cream to come out during the holidays. The saliva is already filling my mouth!


Robert Boyle said...

All desserts are great ! But of course I liked your dulce de leche the best.......Sure wish I had some here with me this very moment..... Natasha has been using a lot of your highlighted favorites lately. Good Job, Heidi.

Robert Boyle said...

Guess what ???????????? It was just awesome. If I lived down there next to you all, I would be twice the size I am today........ You are the best, Heidi !!!!!!!!!!!!
See you this weekend...... bring food !!!!!!!! love,dad