Monday, May 31, 2010

Ella's Birthday Cakes

This year, Ella managed to squeeze three birthday celebrations out of us. They seem to grow with the years. We invited her classmates over for a play date after school and I made a wheat free cake, as well as regular cupcakes for the kids. Both were cherry chocolate chip flavored with cherry butter cream frosting. The only difference was that the cake had 2 layers of chocolate whipped cream, as well. Guess which was our favorite? I am telling you, if you make wheat free things the RIGHT way, you cannot tell the difference. It was light, fluffy and delicious!

I also made dairy free rice crispie treats for a guest who is allergic to milk. Those were gone before the party was over with. I decorated the cupcakes with lollipops that I found at Michael's. I think the kids liked them.

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Robert Boyle said...

Grandpa and Grandma Boyle had part of one of the three birthday cakes and it was absolutely fantastic,
Thanks......our love,,,,,,,,, Dad and Nattie