Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sinus Surgery

I finally had my long awaited sinus surgery. After months and years of continued sinusitis, my doctor told me that he would have to operate to drain my upper sinus cavities. He also compressed the bones a bit and used heat to "fry" some of the soft tissue that is prone to infection. Not a full rhinoplasty, but an endeavor, nonetheless.

Let me tell you, I will be happy if I NEVER have to go under general anesthesia again. The surgery, itself seemed to go well. Better than my doctor expected. That is, until I came "to". Anesthesia always makes me nauseous. And this time was worse than any other. I was vomiting blood, so much so, that they decided to keep me in the hospital overnight rather than releasing me (out patient), as scheduled. The doctor is not sure why I had such an extreme reaction, but things did get better over the week following surgery. A few months back I had a horrible reaction to the Predisone my doctor had prescribed for helping me treat a severe sinus infection. My throat closed, I had hives and needed to take Benedryl to stop the itchiness. He said that they generally introduce Prednisone into the IV when doing sinus surgery but because I had recently had such a negative reaction and recently, he went with an alternate steroid. But I got to wear this nifty wrist band during my stay at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

It has now been two weeks since I had the operation. And I can already notice a difference. I can breath easier and feel much less congestion. I am sure that I will be glad that I did the surgery, over time. But I will not lie, I was a little concerned for a few days. The pain has been minimal, thankfully. If I feel a slight headache coming on, I just pop a couple of Tylenol and I am good to go.

It sure feels good to have the deep haze lifted. And I have never been more appreciative of my good health.

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