Monday, May 10, 2010

That Pistachio is NO Friend of Mine!

A few days ago, a couple of Ella's classmates came across a pistachio on the play yard. Even though her school is "nut free" one rogue nut still managed to find its way into the sand box. Since Ella is one of two students in her class who are extremely allergic to tree nuts, most of the children are well versed in what can be dangerous to their friends. Gallantly, the boys carried the nut over to a teacher who immediately threw it in the trash. Afterward, they ran over to Ella and told her, "We are protecting you, Ella! We found a pistachio and we got rid of it! Now you are safe!"* Pretty cool considering these boys are only 4 and 5! Thankfully, Ella was not the one who found the nut. That would not have been a good phone call to receive. Phew! Thanks, boys! We owe you.

*= As told by Ella.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it turned out okay. That's so great that kids that age understand and know the different kinds of nuts.

Pistachios are the one nut that scares me. I hate to look at them. My daughters most severe allergy is to the pistachio, cashew and peanut. The first reaction she had was to pistachio.


Robert Boyle said...

What a beautiful daughter you have !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your father