Monday, September 7, 2009

Restaurants that we LOVE: Garlic Jim's Pizza

Recently, a friend told me about a pizza chain that offers a gluten & wheat free pizza on their menu. She had tried their pizza at a party and loved it, without knowing that it was not made with traditional wheat flour. Knowing our situation, she got the 411. Garlic Jim's Pizza is a chain that is nation wide. Not all of the locations offer the GF dough, but many do. Our closest restaurant is in Burbank and thankfully, it is on the menu there. The dough only comes in a large sized pizza and can be made like any of their other pizzas with a variety of toppings, sauces and cheeses. I first asked if they could tell me the ingredients for the dough, which they were happy to oblige. It is made with rice flour, tapioca flour, olive oil, yeast, sugar and spices. (YEAH! No almond meal!) After we had the green light, I told my daughter the good news: We were about to eat a wheat-free pizza from an actual restaurant!!! Not one of those funky shaped pizzas that I have been known to make from time to time! She was allowed to pick whatever toppings she wanted. Her choice, mushrooms and pepperoni. We took the pies home (the Burbank store is take-out only). We almost lost our minds on the drive home because the smell was so intoxicating. Ella kept saying, "I can't believe that I get to eat a wheat-free pizza!!! From a restaurant!!!"

We compared her pizza with the one that we were eating (Garlic Jim's Ultimate Combination). Her pizza had a thinner crust and there were some green flecks throughout the dough; parsley. Taste wise, it was truly delicious. It reminded me of the thin crust pizzas that we used to get when we lived in New York City. Our pizza was also very good. Exactly what you would expect from a take-out place. If I were to compare it to another company I would say that it reminded me of Papa John's. Truth be told, I sort of favored her pizza as it seemed to have more flavor. And what did Ella think? She was actually a little luke warm on it. She thought that the sauce was very spicy, as was the pepperoni. And she was right. Maybe not the right fit for a four year old. But she still managed to drop back 2 slices. And my son did not seem to have an issue with the spiciness... as he also ate 2 slices and he NEVER eats anything. Next time, we will request less sauce or maybe try one of their other sauces or leave the sauce off altogether. And we will not get the pepperoni on her pizza. Otherwise, we are already planning our next pizza meal.

Thank you, Garlic Jim's for trying something new. As much as I love to cook, it is great to have an alternative dinner to serve the family when we are on the go. If you happen to have a Garlic Jim's near you, check it out! And if your location doesn't have the GF dough, request that they get it. Don't be shy!

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Garlic Jim's Gluten-free Pizza said...

Dear Heidi:

Thanks for mentioning our GF pizza. I'd love to send you a gift certificate so your next pizza will be on us. If you'll reply with your address, I'll drop it in the mail:
425.918.1900 x 106

Kind regards,

Ross Marzolf
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza

PS one correction, all of our stores offer GF pizza!