Sunday, January 25, 2009

Purple Cauliflower?

We were at the farmer's market and as I looked around at all the usual fare, I discovered something very special... purple cauliflower! And since I have a purple obsessed princess in the house I decided to buy some. Who knew that it would be the hit of the season over at Casa de Miller? Ella ate it 3 nights in a row. And when it was gone, she asked for more. If you have not had the pleasure, it has a more mild flavor than the regular white variety. Hopefully it has as many vitamins and minerals or whatever as normal cauliflower. We also feasted on purple (blue) potatoes. I will be making some beet stew later in the week. If I can work up the courage. I used to love beets and when I was pregnant with Ella, I ate them by the pot full. They have lost their appeal for me since, but Ella requested them. If a 3 year old is asking for beets, I would be crazy not to give them to her. Watch-out, Borscht, here I come!

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