Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ella's class has been learning about dinosaurs and she is completely hooked. Often, her teacher will let me know if they are going to do a project involving food. They were going to make and decorate dinosaur cookies and wondered if I wouldn't mind bringing in some special ones for Ella to eat. So I drove all over town looking for dinosaur shaped cookie cutters. None of my usual places had them, but thankfully, Gloria's did! They also had special dinosaur shaped sprinkles. I am always happy to be living in a big city in these circumstances!

It was Sunday and raining outside, so I decided to have an afternoon of cooking and crafting with Ella. We made cookie dough, chilled it and baked the shaped cookies. While the cookies were baking we printed out some dinosaur coloring pages.
Ella sat and colored as we waited.
Then it was time to get down to business. Naturally, Ella wanted her frosting to be purple. And so were the decorations. The hardest part was trying to convince her to not eat the decorations before putting them on a cookie. Ya, right!

The initial assignment to make cookies turned into a lot more. But it was a lot of fun. We ended up saving some of the cookies to be decorated. The rest, we decorated and ate. All of us ate them. The recipe that I used was the same sugar cookie that I used to make Christmas cookies. See recipe listing to the right, if you are interested!
The cookies were not the prettiest in the world. But they tasted good and were purple. What else matters?

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