Thursday, October 16, 2008

Play dates

One of the biggest challenges for us is when we intermingle with other children Ella's age. As I have mentioned in previous posts, even school can be a real challenge. It is not fun for us to stick out like an annoying, sore thumb. When we go to the park, restaurants, and play dates there are always bound to be discussions about what Ella can and cannot eat. And there are always the debates with Ella over why she cannot eat something and WHY other kids can have the things that she may not. It is heart breaking; exhausting. Yesterday we went to a play date and I made wheat-free cookies to try and head her off at the pass. They were special Halloween sugar cookies (just like the ones I made before her diagnosis), dripping with frosting and sprinkles. And best of all, they were adorned with candy corn. As much as she loved them they were not enough. She gobbled them down and then she focused on all of the things she could not eat. My friend Lindsay, one of the best play date hostesses around, also was so sweet to have many, many options for Ella to eat. (Truly, I have the most supportive and wonderful friends. I would be lost without them.) Anyway, the 2 hours that we were there were spent in argument over what snacks were safe or not. I kept offering all of the other choices but nothing could be as good as the tabu foods. Poor Ella. It must be so hard for her to grasp her situation.

But, there are learning experiences to be had. And I am hoping that all of this madness will subside and she will just go back to being a normal kid who is more interested in climbing on the swing set and running across the lawn. Oh, how I love that kid. Together we will find the answers...

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