Monday, October 27, 2008

Milo's Birthday Celebration Part 2

As it happens, my kids like cupcakes. And thankfully I am beginning to figure out how to make them so that all in my house can enjoy. This weekend we had a party for Milo (1) and my niece, Maddie (2). The theme was a tea for two and two for tee. It was your basic, tea party/golf party.
I had a ton of fun creating two separate cupcakes for the party. Three, actually, if you count the wheat-free version that I snuck in to give my kids. I am pretty darn proud of the golf cupcake, in particular. I made the golf balls out of white chocolate. An idea that would never have occurred to me if it were not for my amazing friend, Andrea, who is a master with these sorts of things.

Ella and Milo seemed to enjoy their bounty.
Who knew that a one year old could get so blissed out by white chocolate?


nikki said...

Are you going to post the golf cupcake recipe on your blog site? People have been asking me for it... Those cupcakes were a "hole in one!" What a dork I am, I know.

Heidi Miller said...

Glad to hear that everyone liked them. As you know, I made three types of cupcakes for that event. Two were regular, wheat cupcakes... Maddie's was strawberry with strawberry buttercream. The golf cupcake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream. If they REALLY want the recipe, they can e-mail me and I will pass it along. The third cupcake, was a wheat-free vanilla. I disguised each to match the others with buttercream, white chocolate and fondant, so that Ella and Milo would think that they were eating the same ones that everyone else was eating. At one point, the wheat-free versions got mixed up with the regular ones and I think some of our guests ate them. Who knows what they got? At least they were happy!