Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

Sorry I have not been the best about blogging, lately. I have been working like a mad woman, set decorating Season 6 of Fox's Hell's Kitchen. It is a tremendous amount of fun. The crew is also really, really wonderful. Normally I am majorly stressing out, this time of year. But somehow having too much to do seems to balance me out. I am hoping to do some baking this weekend. Ella's school is having their Chanukah party next Friday and I have offered to make cookies for the event. In doing so, I will also be making some wheat-free swap outs for Ella to enjoy. It will be worth it, just so that she can feel like the rest of the kids.

We have been having some nanny drama, lately. Our beloved nanny might be leaving us to work on a higher paying, longer term job. This seems to be the pitfalls of going through an agency. It is a really long and boring story, maybe I will post a separate blog about it when the dust settles. All I can say is that, as much as I LOVE working again, I cannot accept the possibility of doing it without our Hayley. She is so wonderful and I have never once worried about Ella needing her Epi-pen when I am away. So I have turned down a show for Bravo to return to being a full time Mom. At least for now.

Since I am working so much I have been exhausting my slow-cooker. When I have time, I will post some fab gluten-free recipes. Thankfully, the kids love soup. So I have been making LOTS of it!

I am also planning on adapting some of my classic holiday treats into a wheat-free version. I will post those, as well, soon!

Off to address the holiday cards and drink some egg nog...

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Robert Boyle said...

Make some goooood cookies for the class!!
Steve Boyle