Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We FINALLY moved! My mind has been buzzing all over the place and I seem to fall asleep before I hit the pillow each night. Crazy tired. But I am really happy with the new place. The kids are having so much fun. Living in the Hills did not offer much in the way of play space for them. Now we have a yard AND a swing set. And a garage to hold their bicycles and a driveway to ride them on. The best part for me, is that I now have a big kitchen, fabulous appliances and lots of places to keep my allergy free baking supplies. Guess I need to get busy testing recipes to blog about. Ella's birthday is in a couple of weeks. She has already told me that she wants a lemon cake with raspberry filling. So I will be figuring that one out in a jiffy.

Last night we had our first family dinner in the house... grilled chicken, falafels, tzatziki, salad. Ella was annoyed with me because I had wheat pita for us and offered her corn tortillas. I guess I cannot win every time. But we did also make homemade strawberry lemonade and wheat free chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I am not so bad, after all.

Tomorrow we are going to a tea party themed birthday party. The host (and mother of Ella's friend) has been so kind to include all our her dietary needs. The are making butterfly shaped sandwiches and she bought some special rice bread for Ella. And I am bringing along some GF pretzels so that she can make some celery butterflies with her friends. BTW... BIG kudos to Ralph's Grocery Store who is now stalking Glutino GF Pretzels. And they are A LOT cheaper than Whole Food's!

As we get settled, I will have much more to report. Hope you are all having a fabulous spring!

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Robert Boyle said...

Heidi and family.....nice picture, just need to have the music from Sanford and Son to make it complete. We are so very happy for you and look forward to coming down this weekend and celebrating Ellas' 5th Bday and seeing the new digs..... Our Love to All Dad and Nattie